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Best Quality Products
Want T0 Be A Professional Car Wash OWNER!

SAKA Wash Systems has been a world leader in professional car washing systems for over 10 years. We’re a professional team with all types of car washing experience that we apply to all of the systems and products we offer. We’ve always on using the highest quality components in the industry, making sure your car wash is always running for customers.We offer not only the import of the car wash system, but we also could make building for it, assembling the wash system, warranty after sales service and technical support.


The new car wash generation

The powerful partner when it comes to car washing

With our CADIS models, we provide you with a high-performance, next-generation partner. You can choose the tailor-made solution for your location from three design lines and extensive equipment options.

Designed for special requirements in car washing

The CADIS was designed with regard to your special requirements in the area of ​​gas stations, car washes and, in the basic version, also for service companies.

Inspired by design and washing experience

The impressive washing experience and the modern, timeless design will inspire your customers. It works with the lowest noise emissions and high throughput at the same time. (Low emission, high performance).

Smart and compact with full washing power

With its compact exterior dimensions and large wash width for SUVs up to Smart, nothing is left to be desired. We guarantee you low costs, maximum yield and reliability.